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Online Return Service Authorization Form

Request Your Return Service Authorization Any Day - Any Time!

Chandler Engineering customers now have the convenience of requesting a Return Service Authorization online. Simply complete the form provided below and click the "SUBMIT" button. Once you have submitted your online Return Service Authorization Form, you will automatically receive an email with your RSA# and return address information. 

Return Service Authorization Requests For International Addresses

If you are requesting a Return Service Authorization to be shipped to an international address, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Foreign Shipper's Declaration
  • Copy of Airway Bill
  • Commercial Invoice

Follow these steps to complete your Return Service Authorization for
International Addresses:

1.  Complete the Return Service Authorization Form
2.  Click here to download the Foreign Shipper's Declaration form
3.  Complete the Foreign Shipper's Declaration form in its entirety
4.  In the space provided below, upload the 3 documents 
5.  Click the "SUBMIT" button

Credit Card Payments

We take credit cards as a method of payment. If you would like to pay with a credit card contact Joanie Grimes at:

Phone: 918-459-7132


Should you have questions or problems submitting your request, please contact us at:
Phone:  (918) 459 - 7210

Please complete the form below and click the "SUBMIT" button. You will automatically receive an email with your RSA# and return address information.

Information About Repair
Reason For Return: * 
Please describe the problem with your instrument:  

Bill To:
First Name: * 
Last Name: * 
Company: * 
Address 1: * 
Address 2:  
City: * 
State/Province: * 
Zip Code/Postal Code: * 
Country: * 
Phone Number: * 
Email : * 

Instrument Information
Model/Type: * 
Serial #: * 
Additional comments:  

For Deadweight Recertification Only
Certified Precision... Select one of the following::  

Method Of Payment
Preauthorize payment up to $700.00 (Must include PO# or CC#)::  

International Repairs
Upload the Foreign Declaration Form:  
Upload the Copy of Airway Bill:  
Upload the Commercial Invoice:  

Survey Question (Optional)
How satisfied are you with the products and services offered by Chandler Engineering?:  

Additional comments:  
Ph: (918) 250-7200 ~ email: ~ 2001 N Indianwood Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
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