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Oil Well Cementing
Cement Hydration Analyzers
Cement Viscosity
Compressive Strength Testers
Data Acquisition
Fluid Loss Testers
Gas Migration Analyzers
Mechanical Properties Testing
Model 1250 Consistometers
Model 3060 & 3070 Constant Speed Mixers
Model 3065 Wettability Testers
Model 4207D Compressive Strength Testers
Model 4262 Twin Cell Compressive Strength Testers
Model 4265 Compressive Strength Testers
Model 4265-HT Compressive Strength Testers
Model 4268 Compressive Strength Testers
Model 4300 Fluid Loss Cell
Model 5265 Static Gel Strength
Model 5265MG Mechanical Gel Strength
Model 5270 Data Acquisition And Control Software
Model 6265 Mechanical Properties Testing
Model 7025 Consistometers
Model 7120 Fluid Loss Testers
Model 7150 Gas Migration Analyzers
Model 7200 Cement Migration Analyzers
Model 7322 Consistometers
Model 7716 Consistometers
Model 7720 Consistometers
Model 7322 Consistometers
Model 7716 Consistometers
Model 7720 Consistometers
Model 8040 Consistometers
Model 8340 Consistometers
Oil Well Cementing
Pressurized Curing Chambers
Slurry Preparation
Static Gel Strength Analyzers

Model 5550 Atmospheric Rotational
Model 3530 Pressurized Rotational
Model 3330 In-Line Viscometer
Model 6500 Friction Flow Loop
Model 6100 Formation Response
Model 5617 Corrosion Test

Quizix Precision Pumps
Quizix Precision Pumps & Software
Quizix Pump School
Quizix PumpWorks Software
Quizix Q5000
Quizix Q6000
Quizix QX

Reservior Analysis
Model 1602 Rolling Ball Viscometers
Model 2331D Digital Gasometer
Model 2347 Floating Piston Cylinder
Model 2353 Equilibrium Flash Separator
Model 3000 PVT System
Model 6100 Formation Response
Reservoir Analysis

Atmospheric Rotational Viscometers
Model 3530
Model 5550
Model 5600
Model 6500
Model 7500
Model 7600
In-Line Viscometers
Model 3330
Pipe Flow Viscometers & Conditioners
Pressurized Rotational Viscometers
Viscosity Testing

Drilling Fluids Analysis

Custom Products

Natural Gas Pipeline

Deadweight Testing
Gas Chromatographs
Gas Gravitometers
Moisture Analyzers
Dew Point Testers

Sales Team
Sales Team

Aftermarket Support
Chandler Performance Plus
Field Service, Calibration And Maintenance
Replacement Parts
Factory Repair
Return Service Authorization
Aftermarket Service And Support Team

Ph: (918) 250-7200 ~ email: ~ 2001 N Indianwood Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
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